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Phase I

On April 4, 2022, we hosted a virtual workshop to discuss the current state of rigor and reproducibility in the field of thermal heterogeneous catalysis. This free, virtual seminar included talks from 6 speakers from a diverse set of fields and one panel discussion. The goal of this seminar was to open a dialog within the community and introduce a common language that we can all use to discuss the issues. Most of us have anecdotal stories concerning failures to reproduce data internally within our group or observed an apparent lack of rigor in reports in literature, but how widespread is the problem? What are possible systemic, institutional, or individual causes? How do researchers think about these problems in other fields? Can this problem be “solved,” and what would even be considered progress? What does it mean for data to be reproducible?

Recordings of the individual talks can be accessed below:

Welcome and Introduction OR "What is this effort?"

- Neil Schweitzer, Northwestern University 

The Ongoing Battle for More Credible Science: Identifying Interdisciplinary Lessons

- Jennifer Tackett, Northwestern University and Editor-in-Chief, Clinical Psychological Science

Lessons Learned From Systematic Studies of Experimental Replication in Adsorption Science

- David Sholl, Georgia Institute of Technology and Oak Ridge National Lab  

The Importance of Standard Operation Procedures For Catalysis Research Accelerated By Artificial Intelligence

- Annette Trunschke, Fritz Haber Institute 

The Data Sea Scrolls

- John Kitchin, Carnegie Mellon University 

A Unique Journal for the Publication of Reproducible Methods for the Synthesis of Organic Compounds

- Rick Danheiser, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Editor-in-Chief, Organic Syntheses 

Panel Discussion with Journal Editors

- Moderator: Bruce Gates (UC Davis)

- Panel: Susannah Scott (ACS Catalysis), Johannes Lercher (Journal of Catalysis), Davide Esposito (Nature Catalysis), Junwang Tang (Chinese Journal of Catalysis) 

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